Puppy Application 2010

Please note:
This questionaire/application is meant merely as the opener of a dialogue between you
and myself.
I prefer to meet new families prior to picking up their pups but do understand that there
is sometimes a great distance between us and does not always make this possible.
I like to see your living environment if you are within reasonable travel distance from me.
If not, you can send &/or bring me pictures. I also try to get a home check done by either
another reputable ridgeback breeder or another ridgeback knowledgeable person.


Your home address



Please give me a bit of information on your job (s) & work schedule, salary bracket:

2 Personal references: Letters/emails from them would also be expectable:  

How hear about us?

How did you learn about Ridgebackz?

Have you owned RRs before or have you owned large dogs before?

Why do you think you want a Ridgeback?

What age are you looking for? Why?

Are you interested in a Male? Female?

Black or liver nose?

Are you wanting a: Pet quality / Pet/Companion Contract...  (Has faults) (must be altered)
Show potential/Pet/Companion Contract... (meets the AKC RR Standard) (must be
Show potential/Show/Breeding Contract... (meets the AKC RR Standard) (co-owned)

If you purchase a puppy as a pet/companion, do you realize it MUST be altered!
How many people are in your household? Do you have children? What are their ages?
Do you own or rent your home? Live in an apartment?

Do you have a fenced yard?  

Do you have other pets?

Have you ever trained a dog before?

And who will be the primary care giver?

Where will the puppy sleep at night?

Where will the puppy stay during the day?
How many hours on the average will the puppy be left alone?

Do you work? Who will be coming home during the day?

Are you opposed to crate training? Why? Why not?

Is there an obedience club/classes in your area that you are willing to take the pup to?

If you go on vacation, will the dog go with you 'or who will take care of it while you're

Do you plan on hunting or trying to get involved with performance events?

Do you also realize what is involved when you buy a show/breeding bitch/dog...
That they MUST be shown to their full Championship ...
And MUST have ALL Health tests completed & certified done prior to breeding....

Have you ever shown a dog before?
Do you realize the cost of monies & time involved in training, showing, traveling with
showing a ridgeback?

Are you agreeable that the puppy/dog must be returned to me should you be unable to
keep it?    
No questions asked except about personality / temparment.
Please add any additional comments:

MANDELA'S AMANDLA RIDGEBACKZ thanks you for your time.
We look forward to talking more with you.
I know that this is long but it helps to get to know you better and answer some questions.
This is for the protection of the puppy...As a puppy is for life, Not just a whim
PRESENTS (the person receiving the puppy is the person that will fill out the application
and be responsible for the puppy)
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, &/or to make
arrangements for a visit with the gang and myself.
Thank You

Alyson Damery-Ouellette
Dunedin, Florida, 34698       727-736-0426